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History of the
Living & Business House
Bartelmann since 1903

The department store Bartelmann was grounded by Max & Martha Bartelmann in the year 1903, which since that time is known for its advertising slogan:
Living & Business House

"Bevor du kaufst,
sieh Dir erst an
in Kühlungsborn- West
Haus Bartelmann".

First a single-storey building was established, and it was extended two times to the right side in the years 1905 and 1909. In the year 1912 the Living & Business House was build based on the existing walls.

Construction of the Living & Business House Bartelmann in 1912Max & Martha BartelmannMax & Martha successfully led the business through the difficult war years 1914-18, as well as the time of inflation until 1945.
Since this time the broad assortment of goods preferentially has been including gifts, pictures, amber decoration, mode, glass, crystal, ceramics, Interiour of the Shop with a Sailing Ship hanging from the ceiling
leather and toys as well as arts and crafts.

Rudolf & Ingrid BartelmannIn the year 1946 son Rudolf took on the business of the house and also stood up for the development of the place. Over 50 years his wife Ingrid was at his side, who came to the Ostseebad in the course of the resettlement after world war 2nd.
"Also family Bartelmann put fugitives up, that is how we met", tells Ingrid Bartelmann who was born in 1931 in the Sudetenland. She can still remember the heavy postwar years very well, when the department store was opened again.Car with adwertising Slogan around 1930"Saucepans, made of steel helmets, self-made Christian tree decoration and wooden toys pleased the hearts of the natives as much as that of the fugitives. Laundry as well as socks were only given out due to coupons, which had to be delivered by us correctly", tells the long-House Bartelmann in the year 1988time business woman.

"In spring in 1953 we also were dispossessed in the course of the "Aktion Rose". After overcoming large difficulties and arguments with the authorities the department store was returned to us in the same July." Also in the following years some crisis had to be overcome. "We drove around very often to be able to offer a versatile supply to our bathers and native customers", so Ingrid Bartelmann.

Daughter Ingrid Siegmann, nee Bartelmann, grew up in the business of her parents. After school or on days off she helped out in the department store gladly. In 1986, upon retirement by Rudolf and Ingrid Bartelmann, it turned out that the traditional family business could not be handed over to the daughter. Therefore it was transferred to the national trading organisation (HO).
3 generations (Andreas, Steffen, Ingrid, Rudolf, Ingrid u. Reinhold) in the year 1998After the end of the time of the DDR Ingrid and Reinhold Siegmann strove to reacquire the family business and successfully were Selling in front of the Shop during a street celebration in the year 2001leading the fate of the business since 1991.

Since the year 2005 son Andreas has been continuing the business in 4th generation in family tradition as the owner of the Living & Business House Bartelmann. He also grew up in the business of his grandparents and parents and has been helping with selling since the age of 15.

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